Amethyst -Greek "Amethystos", translation-'not drunken', the stone was believed by the Ancient Greeks to stop toxic condition.

Description- Amethyst is a chromatic stone, go in degree from light pinkish-violet to weighty purple

Characteristics of the Gem- Made from an unproblematic piece of element oxide and humor luster, it can be recovered in deposit deposits. Amethyst has a rhombohedral solid scaffold next to a firmness on the Moh go up of 7.

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Holistic Benefits- Improves and strengthens the status system, diminishes headaches and load. Provides private peace and be a foil for within the body. Beneficial for intuition and prompt.

Gem Folklore- The Greek God Dionysus (God of intoxication) became smouldering and vowed retribution on any mortal who he came decussate. Ravishing Amethyst came along and the gods turned her into the gemstone, in your favour her from a bloodthirsty bag-snatch.

Sourcing- strip-mined in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, Namibia and some other African countries

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History- Amethysts are adorned in the British Crown jewels, Egyptian monarchs and jewelry of Catherine the Great. The Victorian era saw the amethyst soar in quality.

Zodiac & Birthstone- Pisces (Feb19-March 20)

Garnet - root maximum expected from Latin, 'Granatum' (pomegranate), the mush and seeds of the reproductive structure are same in color to the Garnet.

Description - A company of gemstones next to associated solid artifact and chemic compounds beside a citywide inventory of colours with the exception of blue-black. The record eminent is the rholdolite Garnet, go in color from red to red-violet.

Characteristics of the Gem- influential the exact natural science mixture of the transparent gem is difficult, the confidence on color and refractile scale of measurement is used for taxonomy. Classic red stones are Almandine, Rhodolite or Pyrope. Garnets have vitreaous lustre and 7.5 Moh strength.

Holistic Benefits- utilised for create the bloodstream, provides boldness and aid in accepting worship. Creativity stimulative.

Sourcing- Garnet can be found in Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Brazil, Burma, Arizona, South Africa and Scotland.

Zodiac & Birthstone - Aquarius (Jan 20 Feb 19) Month: January

Turquoise - 13c. 'turqueise' consequence Turkish stone- behind schedule Middle English, Old French. Also Persian 'Firouze', the dub given the gem.

Description- genuinely greenish-blue or paler sky-blue

Characteristics of the gem- Turquoise is to some extent porous and cloudy. It is a hydrated chemical group phosphate of atomic number 29 and atomic number 13 that is defined by natural action meteoric or groundwater finished metal rock. It reads 6 on Moh's degree.

Holistic Properties- assists in tissue regeneration, helps nutrients take up into the thing. Protects opposed to toxins and pollutants.

Folklore- the past Greeks believed mineral fortified the user from corruption by dynamical colour.

Sourcing- Persia, US, Mexico, Tibet, Russia, Chile and Australia

History- 3200BC Egyptians well-mined Turquoise in the Sinai and Tibetans sculptured religious ritual objects out of Turquoise. Montezuma's Grave and take pleasure in compilation includes Turquoise.

Zodiac & Birthstone- Sagittarius, December

Peridot- chromatic to olive innocent gem.

Characteristics of the Gem- A volcanic gemstone, Peridot is calculable from olivine- a taxonomic category of magnesium-iron affluent salt minerals. Moh's consistence valuation 6.5 with a liquid body substance to oleaginous splendor.

Holistic Properties- stimulates individualized development and awareness, protecting the user opposed to negativity and garnering positiveness.

Folklore- The Romans prescribed administering medicines out of goblets ready-made of Peridot would build up the redress. It was also called 'evening stone' as the color of the gem does not fade at time period nor by visible radiation.

Sourcing- Burma, Brazil, USA, South Africa, St.John's Island, China and Norway.

History- The Crusaders brought the earliest identified Peridot gems to Europe from St. John's Island in the Red Sea (54 km. off the seashore of Egypt), 70AD.

Zodiac & Birthstone: August

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